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Introducing the HD-SKO


We will have been in business for nineteen years as of March 2017, and during that time we have gone through many changes. Ever since 2002 when rock sliders  became our mainstay products, we have tried to offer the best value out there. We have evolved our product line to cater to the occasional weekend off-roaders all the way up to the most hard core rock crawlers.


One thing that was always important to us was to offer our customers a superior product line up at reasonable prices. This has been a great challenge over the years due to increased business costs, and the ever changing cost of raw materials. My newest challenge was to make a new rock slider model that blurred the line between an entry level slider, and the top of the line sliders. It was necessary to make a design that works in the worst possible scenarios, be able to withstand the toughest abusers, allow for the longest possible length, be affordable to ship, and lastly be priced as a value line slider.


I introduce to you our latest rock slider model the HD-SKO (Heavy Duty- Single Kick Out). This is the slider model I built for you. There will never be a need to upgrade, and even if you start out as a occasional user but end up being a "hardcore" rock crawler you'll always know that you bought the best sliders the first time even though they were value priced!

Pictured is two 3rd gen 4runner sliders a HD-SKO with a Standard outer assembly shadowing it.

Notice the increased length, larger tubing, and more support tubes between the straight tube, and bent tube.

The difference in the increased length is 3 inches overall compared to the standard model.

The reason you cannot just make the standard longer is the the body on our Toyota's

dip down at the ends near the wheel wells.

The new HD-SKO avoids this by turning the tubing outward thus avoiding conflict

with the body.

This gives us the room to make them longer!

At both ends of the HD-SKO rock sliders is a one inch 1.5"x.125" tube that is fit into the end of the sliders to make the ends absolutely crush proof!

This combined with the 1.75 inch diameter tubing used for the HD-SKO makes the ends 1/4 inch thick.

Even the frame plates (aka scab plates) are shaped in such a manner that it's makes the welders job much, much easier.

If you can imagine when the installer is trying to weld he/she cannot see the top of the scab plate if it is flat.

Now when it has a mild triangle shape the installer can easily see where they need to weld!

This helps you have the best, and most consistent welds possible!!!

A side by side comparison of the 3rd gen 4runner HD-SKO & Standard.

There's no doubt about it – you are getting a whole lot more value in the HD-SKO slider as opposed to any other slider we make.

Larger tubing, reinforced end cap area, more spreader tubes, and specially shaped scab plates.

The average up charge over a standard model would be roughly $45 plus a couple of extra dollars in added weight for the shipping costs.

Considering rock sliders are a major purchase that is meant to protect, and serve this is a small price to pay for a set of sliders that will perform side by side with even the most expensive sliders out there!

The HD-SKO  is my new personal favorite out of the entire line up, and it is going to replace the standard set currently residing on our daily driver/weekend adventure rig (2010 4runner).


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